Sunday, February 21, 2010

Winter Break (Yay!)... Excercise Lag (Boo!)

This week I have done pretty well and I am looking forward to weighing in tomorrow but I'm very dissapointed because I haven't been able to 'step up' in the excercise department. I have developed an infected sweat gland in my armpit and its not pretty! I don't wear a lot of deoderant in the winter because I never sweat, and it takes a lot to make me sweat. I'm alwaayyys the cold one so I don't know how I got this way but I'm nervous about the doctor visit and what they will say regarding work outs. Anyhow its quite painful and I don't really want to aggravate it (if its possible to do so) by excercise. I am thinking I will just go for long walks everyday this week because its supposed to be cold (that way I won't sweat)

My cats are getting good use of the treadmill however. My computer decided to not allow me to put the pictures on my laptop, so I borrowed this from google, but you get the picture... (Oh how I love you google..)

On a good note, I have only used 3 of 35 flex points this week (I decided that I had to have 1/2 a serving of Baked Chips while watching the Amazing Race tonight) and I feel like I am adjusting well to the plan while going into week 3. My pants are starting to get a bit looser so thats a good sign!

It is Spring Break this week so I was hoping to intensify my work outs but I don't think this will happen now because of my gland issue. So frustrating. I will also face a challenge with a roadtrip that I am gonna go on for a few days but luckily I have a support system going with me who is also on WW. Eating on the go can be challenging but we are going to pack and plan ahead! However we're visiting other campuses so the pub situation could pose a challenge as well. I'm a picky drinker and love the sugary cocktails! (Uh oh!)

See you tomorrow for the WI results!!


  1. Good for you for getting started on the path to good health. Good luck with the weigh-in!! :)

  2. Just found you via Keelie at Real Fat. Love the picture...if I had a treadmill, my cat Harry would definitely do the same thing whenever it wasn't in use.