Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living the Slump Life

Yep, that's me! In fact I think I am slinking into a slight depression. I have not been eating or feeling well. On that note, my cat isn't either and actually has feline kidney stones. I can't bear the thought of losing her... she has been with me through a tough 9 years and means the world to me. Hopefully she will pull through... I know my savings aren't going to though.

On the weight front. I weighed 230 yesterday so while I am not eating well.. I am not doing completely horrendously. Although I did manage to eat like half a litre of ice cream and doritos in one sitting a couple of days ago :(

I know I have to straighten up... I really want to have the confidence I need when I start a new school in September. Afterall meeting people isn't easy when you are ashamed of yourself... Must make self proud...


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your cat! I hope it gets better soon!


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  3. Prayers for your cat! xoxox Happy for you that you are making changes. I fell off the wagon as well just two nights ago. But ya know what? We can do this - I got right back on. Thanks for following my blog - and please let me know what I can do for you! I love my blogsphere friends and you all are my strength...

    Keep your stick on the ice!
    - e.
    asomfs dot blogspot dot com