Friday, July 9, 2010

Living out of a Suitcase...

...until September... UGH I don't recommend it but it is happening. Weighed in at 229 this morning. I don't even know where my camera or scale are (PACKED) so I had to use someone elses. It's not easy when you are living on the go... I'm dissapointed in myself though honestly... UGGHHHH!!!! Hopefully we are off to the grocery store tonight to grab a couple healthy groceries...

Hope everyone is well and healthy


  1. I hope you can find some good grub!

  2. I am proud that you have realized this at an early age. See..I am 52, and just two years ago, did I realize I had to get a grip on my weight. In two years I have lost 80 pounds, with many more to go. I have done this, through turning off the television and simply moving. I turn up the ipod and dance around the house. I work in the yard, I walk. No junk food in the house, none, nada, zip. I focus on making the best food choice under any circumstance. We have to eat always eat the healthiest choice. You are will be able to do this and be healthy, looking good and still be young. For me, I may be healthy :)..but still gonna be old. :( You can do it.

  3. You have an award over at my blog, [238] and Shrinking!

    PS: I'm also giving away a Biggest Loser Cookbook to celebrate dropping 18 lbs and getting below 220 lbs, so be sure to enter on the official post and good luck!