Sunday, August 22, 2010


Something happened to my blog background and I'm having trouble getting a new one. typical me. Promise I will get it fixed up asap. 10 more sleeps until the new place! Woooo! Things are getting a little wonky with all the arrangements we are making for the big move but I've been staying on track!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back on the healthy wagon

I had to yell, run, and leap... for awhile I even hung off the end and drug my feet for a few miles... BUT I am back on the healthy wagon. No more excuses! I CONTROL what I put in my mouth afterall... This time I am staying on the wagon and on track to my goal. Eventually I will get there. I have lost 29 pounds in roughly 7 monthes. Thats about 4 pounds a month. I would have liked to have done a little better and actually meet my goals but I WILL do it!

Last time I posted that I had been living the slump life and thats true... but I have been doing a lot better since. No more junk and a lot more moving. Last Wednesday I weighed 234.4 and this morning.... 228.6! Thats 5.8 pounds in a little over a week. I was happy to see it come back off... cleaning up the bad habits is paying off already and I couldn't be happier.

I need to keep moving in the right direction. 12 more sleeps until the man and I move to our new place and on September 7th I start classes at my new school. I am hoping losing some of the excess weight will help me feel better about myself I must continue to to improve my self confidence so the new surroundings don't stress me out too much. It really is time to get healthy. I must set a good example for my future students also. A happy, healthy, and active lifestyle!

I have been reading along but I do have a little catching up and commenting to do.

YEE-HAW!!! See you on the wagon!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Living the Slump Life

Yep, that's me! In fact I think I am slinking into a slight depression. I have not been eating or feeling well. On that note, my cat isn't either and actually has feline kidney stones. I can't bear the thought of losing her... she has been with me through a tough 9 years and means the world to me. Hopefully she will pull through... I know my savings aren't going to though.

On the weight front. I weighed 230 yesterday so while I am not eating well.. I am not doing completely horrendously. Although I did manage to eat like half a litre of ice cream and doritos in one sitting a couple of days ago :(

I know I have to straighten up... I really want to have the confidence I need when I start a new school in September. Afterall meeting people isn't easy when you are ashamed of yourself... Must make self proud...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Living out of a Suitcase...

...until September... UGH I don't recommend it but it is happening. Weighed in at 229 this morning. I don't even know where my camera or scale are (PACKED) so I had to use someone elses. It's not easy when you are living on the go... I'm dissapointed in myself though honestly... UGGHHHH!!!! Hopefully we are off to the grocery store tonight to grab a couple healthy groceries...

Hope everyone is well and healthy

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Challenge Update

Weighed in Friday at 225.

Sorry I didn't get to post until now. I've had my nephew all weekend and he just drifted off. What a cute little handful...

Still no word on the new apartment. I've been at my sisters all weekend on account of having my nephew and we are planning on finishing the packing this week. We can't stay at the cuurent place ANY longer. Mould just isn't healthy...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Any male audience can feel free to skip this post. HAH!

It is that special time :(...If I were a normal human being I would not post this or make a big deal, but since I get roughly about two a year... they are ultra bad (painful) and horrific. Cancel that good weigh in for this week and get ready to see a rise instead I think... Yiiikkeesss!

It is like I don't know how to deal with the urges that accompany this "special time" because I am not used to it... so I caved big time... I already managed to eat a pasta bread bowl, a couple packs of chocolate covered pretzels and some cream soda. Yes I know its terrible... but I wanted it sooo very bad and I slipped. Oh well thats the past... time to try and run damage control now I guess

On the good news front... we applied for an apartment that we like last night (before the slip) and we will hear back tomorrow whether they choose us for it. We are trying to not get our hopes up but its hard because we really like it... enough to wait until September?.. and enough to move temporarily back home with our parents to escape this mold hell? Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stroller Naps = Really Sore Feet

Ok, I am on my feet a lot in regular life [I don't drive so I either walk or take the bus if my desired location is too far away (I can't afford insurance or drive Ryans standard)] but... stroller naps really do equal nice sore feet.

The child I am minding and I went for a really nice long walk together and I think it really did me some good. He slept like an angel and I walked very fast like a fool in the heat and humidity. I also took him to spend a couple hours with my fantastic niece and nephew and they adored him. We have logged quite a few miles between yesterday and today :) I also walked 15-20 minutes both ways to the home where I sit each day too... It does feel really good to get some great exercise.

Also on the news front: The new battery fixed my scale problem right up so hopefully I will have a good loss to report on Friday. Hooray!

See you soooon :)