Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Dear Blog.

Yes, relaxing was the key. The news happened when I least expected it. Today!!

I got into my first choice University/Graduate School. This city girl will be packing her bags and heading to a country school for some new experiences this fall. I'm thrilled!

I must continue learning how to relax.I'm taking some Yoga classes this summer before the big move. I must find some inner peace and relaxation.

Thanks for the support and advice :) The weather is supposed to warm up here very soon. This weekend we will have double digits!(celsius) and I'm hitting the trails!

See ya on Friday with the WI results!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello blog?!

Yes I've been away. Yes it's been too long. The good news? I've been staying on track even though I am having the freakout of a lifetime. Some minor setbacks sometimes (like eating 2 100 cal pks of pretzels and whatnot, but I have stopped after and made myself realize I have just squandered 4 points.. Bad Anini!)

I am finding it harder to stay within my daily points, and even struggling to stay within my flex points! I just want to eat all the time lately! But I've been doing well anyway.

Lost 2.2 last week, and it is hopefully going to be a successful week this week also...

I've been very sick with the flu and it's been draining all my energy for over a week now. I slept 14 hours straight today. School is coming to an end for me. Papers are popping up all around me. It's frightening because they just may be my last..

Exams ahead. Stress ahead. I haven't gotten into any schools for next year yet. It's a scary feeling to not know what you are doing next year. Sometimes I hate the University life, but I desperately want to teach... So I just keep telling myself that it WILL happen... I keep telling myself I will not have a binge because I am stressed..

Oh, and blog?
I have missed you..
See you Friday for the WI!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Dearest Blog

Sorry I have not been around much blog. Things have been crazy dearest blog but I promise I have been keeping myself on track. My last semester of university is winding down and I have been very stressed, and very tempted on the eating scene. I find myself in a room with my friends and see what they are eating, and find myself wondering why I can't have that? Its not even really bad food, but the points would be bad so I steer away... I resist...

I have been very very stressed about getting into another school for next year and sometimes I feel like its just not going to happen, but I must not console myself with food. Right blog? With that said I am supposed to head out for a few drinks with the girls tonight but I will hopefully contain myself. The terrible thing is that I am a smirnoff ice fan, the points there will/would be disastrous...

I worked hard this week, but apparently not hard enough. A .2 loss for me even with actually attempting to earn some fitness points. I haven't really done anything different except a few really long walks so I am not sure why the dissapointing loss, but I can't let it hold me back from continuing to do my best this week!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy Busy Busyyyy...

I hadn't realized it had been a week since my last post, but it has. BAD Anini! Anywhoooo, I am proud to announce a 3.6 lb loss this week! That is great! I used a lot of my flex points (24), and its my TOM so I am a bit surprised but none-the-less I will take it!

I am very proud and excited to say that I have behaved very well this week. I have been really busy with school and while studying for midterms... I didn't shove unhealthy snacks in my face. Get this... I actually thought about it first and I asked myself "Am I really hungry?" My stomach answered yes, so I went and made a nice salad and ate that while cramming. The bad news is... I did really horrible on my geography exam.(but great on my Addictions exam!) I did study! Maybe not as hard as I should have but my professor expects waaay to much and it is an intro level class! With staying so busy with school (and all the work I have coming up in the next few days) I have to find the time to go grocery shopping, laundry, and housework. GROAN! It's a constant struggle.

Goals for next week:
-Include more fibre in my day!
-Drink more water!
-Start getting more excercise (walking,treadmill!)
-Find new and interesting recipes

I bought myself new workout pants. Nice black capri's that are sooo soft. I am so looking forward to wearing them. This lady I know teaches Yoga and I have really wanted to join in, but I haven't had nice work out clothes and also there is the sweat gland problem previously described. I'm not a big sweater, but I can't wear any deoderant because it clogs/swells my armpit pores. I have to find an alternative route for that before I work out in public I think. Any deoderant alternatives you can suggest?

Its supposed to be really beautiful tomorrow so I think my boyfriend and I are going to hit the trails and go for a nice really long walk. It will certainly be a nice paper-writing break. Well there we have it, not a great interesting post, but an update! I'm not feeling very creative and any creativeness I do have is being poured into my million papers...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Feeling Great!

Hello Fellow Bloggies,

Here is a picture of my breakfast, it was my first time making a smoothie but it was delicious! In case you want to make one here is the recipe for the simple yet delicious smoothie:

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

1 Banana
4 large strawberries
1/4 C yogurt (I used FF Strawberry & Gogi Berry)
3/4 C Ice
1 tsp sugar (optional of course)

Blend well, Drink it Up!

I am not sure whether this would be considered 3 or 4 points, but nonetheless it was delish and made about 2 cups so you could drink it all for a meal or split it up.

I am changing my weigh ins to Fridays for now on. I am hoping perhaps seeing a loss on Friday might renew my enthusiasm so I am not tempted to slip up on the weekends. Also one of my fellow Weight Watchers bought me a 3 month journal and a bunch of books for my birthday, so I am dying to start my week off todayyy!

From Monday to now, I had a loss of 1.8 lbs, which is surprising with the birthday slipups I had on Tuesday (Ice cream cake, Lasagna, and Broccoli Salad) annnndd last night at the grocery store I bought a small bag of chocolate covered raisens and devoured them while watching Survivor (GO Villians!). Yes it was bad of me, but I am back on the track to victory I hope! (GO Anini!)

Have a Fantastic Weekend!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Hello fellow bloggies,

Sorry I have been away for a little while, but alas I have returned.

So the interview came on Saturday, and I walked in there and did my best. I learned that there were over 350 applicants for just 65 Elementary spots. I don't think that I did great because I was really nervous but I won't find out for 4-6 weeks anyhow. I have applied to other schools also (some of which I would like to get into even more) so I'm not that freaked out yet. I just keep telling myself "Nini Breath! You WILL get into a teaching program SOMEWHERE..."

Monday I had my weigh in. Another 1.4 lbs down, for a total of 11.8. Of course I wasn't particularly pleased when I had expected perhaps a bit more... but I haven't been doing a lot of exercise lately on account of the infected sweat gland. That is just about healed though so I will hopefully be stepping it up again really soon after I am in the clear.

THEN...IT...HAPPENED... Suddenly upon arriving home from school, I was ambushed... Aflame with 24 candles, it came towards me... (Imagine my surprise receiving a cake after I had specifically asserted that I wanted to skip it this year.)

I blew them out, knowing that in front of me was a very dangerous situation and also wishing that when I looked down again it would just disappear. I looked down and what sat there?

AN ICE CREAM CAKE?!! Yes its true. I did have a piece out of guilt that someone went through the trouble of getting one, but I didn't enjoy it!... Okay maybe I did, but I am vowing that I will be having just the one piece. God only knows how many points that was. Yes I am obsessed once I start counting... I cannot stop!

Nonetheless, I am sending it away this evening. I cannot be trusted alone with its delicious nature. Not to mention that I mayyy have had a VERY small piece of lasagna and a couple bites of broccoli salad.

How do you handle those 'birthday moments?'