Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Weigh In: A First

Hello all,

Not much going on in Anini-land. I have still been looking for an apartment for my boyfriend and I and of course a job for meee. I assure you I have been on track, and reading along with you all but I haven't had much to say/report on and the good computer is in the shop :(

My Friday Report Card (a new feature)

Water: I have been drinking lots, but still need to get some more in (B-)

Exercise: Only got in 3 workout days in, but it's a start (B)

Tracking Points: I will admit I haven't been recording regularly (F)

OKAY, I'm improving.. Next week I want A's!!

Now... On to the Summer Challenge...

Weighed in Monday at 229 after my terrible weekend...
Today I'm at...

227.2. So I'm down 1.8 for the challenge...

but overall in my regular Friday Weigh In's this means I am up 1.6... so I regret to inform you that I have had my first gain week since February. Even though I did so while I had a great graduation celebration with my lovelies... it still makes me sad BUT I do not regret it happened. So onward and upward...well downward I hope

With that in mind... I am off to get on the treadmill (Oh boy!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Challenge Weigh In

A day late. I know what you are thinking (tsk..tsk.. Anini!) but the Internet has been acting so strange here since Sunday).

And here it is after a weekend of celebrating my first degree:

Yeah 229. I'm not proud of that but it happened. I didn't want to turn down celebratory parties, dinner and drinks with the people I love and so I have paid the price. I still did eat well but just too much of it (and half a piece of cheesecake)... Hopefully I can work through the weekend gain through the week or I might be reporting my very first Friday gain since Feb!

P.s I neeeed a pedicure

Anywhoo its miserable here so I'm headed for my treadmill and a nice big bottle of water...

Self Love Thought:

I love that I am attempting to turn this around. I love that I have accepted current self but working towards a healthier and happier me. This weekend I had enough confidence to not shy away from pictures with my lovlies and was actually able to look into the lens of a camera instead of covering my face in mortification.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back and stronger than EVER

Dear fellow bloggies.

I appologize for the hiatus. I assure you I have been poking around and reading but have not felt like my normal self. I am still on the mend from this annoying flu/cold thing but I assure you I am coming back and I will be stronger than ever. Sorry I have not been posting my self love thoughts everyday but I have been still telling myself what a great woman I am (haha that just sounds wrong)and defining why each day I should be proud of myself and love myself. It's been a little harder to look in the mirror and tell myself how great I am when my face looks gray but I have been keeping it up!

Todays thought occurred to me while getting dressed and all on its own without my attempt to search for my own positive reflection on myself (however please excuse my moment of vanity)

"Hey! My butt is rockin' in these 34's... I really am doing this!.. Next stop 32's!"

30 pounds can make quite a difference and I finally caught myself by suprise. I knew they fit as of last week but I finally SAW it myself.. Haha... I was actually going to take a picture of the 'rearview' but the camera was dead this a.m (to help me remember how it felt, and how excited I was... not because I would like to show my sweet can off.. haha)

I have decided I have been dragging my butt for too long. I have been indulging in far too many calories (nothing too dramatic but still too many snacks). I have not been exercising to my potential (or even close). I have not been preparing enough actual home cooked meals and if it wasn't for subway right down the street I would have made some terrible choices I think. BUT the past is the past and I'm ready to step this up.

It is time to make some goals. It is time to give it my all.

New Goals:

1) More water. At least 5 large glasses a day (Just bought my new Brita and I have been loving it)

2) Ensure exercises/workouts at LEAST 4 days a week (Got the treadmill all set up again)

3) Post pics of my scale each week (hopefully my cpu will comply)

4) Count my points & record everyday (I have been slaaaacking)

5) Cut way down on diet pop (max 2 glasses a day)

On that note: I am joining a new challenge. Kandice, at No More Chunky Dunking, Time To Skinny Dip is holding a summer challenge and I am in!

It starts Monday May 24, and I will be posting my starting weight then :) It might be a little higher after this weekend. Apparently there is a party in my honor coming up on account of my graduation Friday so I will be a bit off plan for a couple days (without going major overboard I assure you).

Weigh ins will continue as usual to be posted every Friday. I always come post the update on the right side regardless of whether I post that day or not.

My goal is to be in ONEderLAND before the end of July (but hopefully sooner). I peeked at the scale and that leaves 25 pounds to go in roughly 10 weeks. Thats 2.5 pounds a week and if I work really hard I am hoping to get there. I was going to set it for the end of August but at just under 2 lbs a week I am not sure if that is challenging enough considering my regular loss is about 1.5.

Anyhowwwss... thats it for now :) Stay tuned!!! I plan on reporting in as much as I can to actually report how I have done each week. I must keep myself accountable! No more skipping off to lala land and ignoring my laziness...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Just a note to say I woke up Sunday with the stomach flu. On that note I had to come home early this weekend and haven't been eating much or making much of an effort to do much... Yikes!.. I'm still not feeling so hot but I'm buzzing around reading blogs and doing some catch up instead :)

Todays thought:
I love that I'm taking the time to look inside myself for good, instead of only looking for it in others like before.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Loss! Also: Headed off for the weekend

I'm just heading off to a friends cottage for the rest of the weekend with a few close friends and wanted to drop by first and report my 1.2 lb loss for the week! I'm quite pleased with that but hoping for a better loss for next week.

Now it's time to remind myself to be on my best behavior:

1)Limit my alcohol intake
2)Limit caloric and treat intake.
3)Get in some good outdoor exercise (We're going on one of our geocaching adventures Sun weather permitting..haha.. don't judge me. Its fun and can be good exercise!)

Newest self love thought (I think this should count)

I love that I have such good taste in friends. I am no longer allowing myself to have acquaintances whom I believe harbour negative thoughts about me. No artificial friendships for me. I do truly have some great supporters. I don't know what I would do without them :) You guys are included in this too of course. Thanks for all the support you've given me!

Thanks for reading,
See you Monday!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oooh La La Update!


Yes Sir'ee Bob! This previous ill-fitted, unbuttonable pant is now buttonable. A little snug for regular wear right now, but hopefully in five pounds or so they will be ripe for the wearing! They were probably about 4/5 inches from buttoning so I assume that this is a NSV for Anini. A funny one, but one nonetheless!

The pink sweater you see is my newest-most-favorite sweater. It was a splurge for my unemployed self at $58.00, but I bought it anyways! So I plan on getting a lot of wear out of it. I'm hoping the sleeves will shorten up a bit in the dryer because they are pretty long.

I think I have been doing quite well in the eating department for the last few days after the weekend houseguest incident. Just about a full recovery but the bad munchie vibe is still lingering....

I have been doing a lot of walking the past few days. It has been sooo nice outside so I have been taking full advantage of it. I walked on a beautiful trail yesterday and wanted to take pictures of the sun setting on the ocean but forgot the camera in the car. Hopefully next time I won't be a doofus and forget so I can share it with you all. Today it is supposed to rain sooo maybe the treadmill will be my friend :(. ALSO on the beautiful trail yesterday I did some jogging sporadically for a minute or so at a time. So probably only 5-10 minutes worth but it felt good!! I am looking forward to going a little further in the jogging department soon.

If all goes well I am hoping to not see a gain this week even with my baaaad weekend.

The self pampering went well yesterday. I had did a nice facial, pedicure, soak, and manicure for myself. I spent extra time just enjoying doing the extra things for myself that I don't normally take the time to do. I spent quite a bit of time reading as well and just enjoying the peace and quiet. I even squeezed in a nap before running out to get subway with the man (you didn't expect me to ruin my hard manicure work did you?) and having a wonderful and long walk.

This is Maddie watching me have my footbath/pedicure. She just was spayed last week and she has been trying to pull out her still undissolved stitches so thats why she is wearing that dreadful cone!

**Reminder that I cannot get the dumb timestamp on my camera to go away.. Sorry!**

These are my finished and pampered feet. If you look closely you shall see I EVEN took the time to use my spacers for painting my toenails! I know I am worth the extra few minutes to take my time and do it right! Also I went with pink this time. Usually I actually really like to do very small french tips but I was feeling the pink today.. Haha..

Well I will leave you with my self love thought and I am off to make some breakfast because my tummy is growling!

Todays Self-Love Thought:

I love how brave I am.

I am attempting to live my dream. I have anxiety, but I am stronger than it. I will not let fear of failure stand in the way anymore. I can be happy, healthy, and make a difference in the world. I will achieve

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lovin' Me for Me!!

Stripped of all make up, no need for fancy clothes
No cover ups, push ups
....I dont have to put on a show.


Today I am taking a day for me. Selfish sounding? I don't think so... I just want to be closer to myself. I want to be able to walk into a room and hold my head high and not ridden with anxiety. I want to define what my goals are in life for myself. I want to know I am worth it.

Because I am

Everyday in the Month of May I have decided to come up with a reason to love myself.

Need a self esteem adjustment? Then join me. I doouuuble dare ya!

Here I am. Rockin' the look for today:

Todays Reason for Loving Myself:

I love myself because I am amazed by my own inner strength.

-It has been a rough week, but at the end of the day... I know I have to continue being myself. It is the only true option.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I hate having houseguests/Eviction Notice

What a terrible weekend. Let me just say in advance... do not let people come stay with you because the effects last longer than their stay. Certain people, with their certain lifestyles need to stay OUT! Things got out of control:

That's right Doritos. GET OUT!!! Certain foods will no longer be welcome in my house... you know who you are...

Also on a relevant note: I am a very friendly person, and I love having good friends come stay with me... but I did in all fairness tell them that my kitchen is a clean eating kitchen now. I did not want filth in my fridge. But it was brought with them And now I went and ate it. Because it was there. And now all I seem to want to do is eat junk. RAHHHH!!!

But now the out of towners are gone, and the food is still here. So now I have to forcefully evict it all.. Cheesy -YES. Necessary -YES.

But this junk that is in my fridge seems to have devastating effects on me. It can take DAYS/WEEKS to get this addiction to stop. Some people just do not care what they eat like and continue to eat like this and be disrespectful to my wishes ... in my kitchen. No I did not come right out and say this because I did not want to look like a maniac... but I really feel like I need to let people know I can't handle junk around. I need a clean place just like addicts do.

I leave you with this article to peruse at your own leisure. It's not long. It presents interesting thoughts on the food as addiction argument.

Pffft! What did my Addictions prof know when he said he doesn't consider food an addiction? Maybe the view presented here might help certain 'visitors' understand how I feel.. Maybe I should print it off for my fridge to prevent further harm from being deposited there.

Now please excuse me while I go clean my fridge.
Thanks I'm glad we talked :)

The regular normal Anini will be back later