Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stroller Naps = Really Sore Feet

Ok, I am on my feet a lot in regular life [I don't drive so I either walk or take the bus if my desired location is too far away (I can't afford insurance or drive Ryans standard)] but... stroller naps really do equal nice sore feet.

The child I am minding and I went for a really nice long walk together and I think it really did me some good. He slept like an angel and I walked very fast like a fool in the heat and humidity. I also took him to spend a couple hours with my fantastic niece and nephew and they adored him. We have logged quite a few miles between yesterday and today :) I also walked 15-20 minutes both ways to the home where I sit each day too... It does feel really good to get some great exercise.

Also on the news front: The new battery fixed my scale problem right up so hopefully I will have a good loss to report on Friday. Hooray!

See you soooon :)


  1. Yay! I'm glad that your scale is back in action. Can't wait to see your challenge post, this week. :D

    A stick isn't really all that hard to learn to drive. Once you get the hang of the clutch and gas mesh and learn when and how to shift, it is just a little practice and it becomes muscle memory. You would be buzzing and shifting around in no time. :D