Monday, June 21, 2010

Job Prospect Gloom & Solution


Well after searching for nearly a month for a job and not finding one... I have decided I am going to focus on childcare instead. Money is money afterall.. so starting today I am going to start caring for a cute 8 month old.

ANINI?! What has this to do with weight loss?!

Well he is a very mobile 8 month old... like he is really just about running... so I will have my work cut out for me chasing after that little guy and I also won't have as much time for mindless eating. Well that is the plan anyway...haha. This is a full time position for the summer, and there are other parents needing similar care for their I am working on putting together a nice little group to try and get some income together. Not to mention I really do like hanging out with kids and trying to entertain them so it just may work out.

On the scale front... I only tried one place but the battery I need was sold out but they should be getting another shipment this week so stay tuned!

Well I really must go shovel in some breakfast. It feels like a fibre one and banana morning! See ya soon!

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  1. I hope you enjoy your new job - you'll love it :) kids are such great fun especially when you can give them back and I can certainly vouch for their energy!

  2. That sounds like it would be a fun job! Hope everything goes well!