Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wait! Before you run away at the mention of looking at more of my terrible 'befores'... I promise they are not as terrible as before! Thanks for the comfort on the last ones Tammy :)

Well I have been shopping for an outfit and it brought a loooot of mixed feelings. I am the biggest I have ever been to my knowledge. A size 18! (XL,XXL) I am happy however because I am already beginning to work on my eating and weight issues and am devoted to change. So here goes a few pictures of my outfit if you are interested. It is not what I had in mind but I decided to go with pants because I got an awesome deal on them!

Entire outfit purchased at Ricki's (
Pants 10$ (were originally 59.99 but marked wayyy down)
White Blouse 35.50
Green 3/4 length sweater 39.50

Total 96.05

Not great for my unemployed student budget but I think I will get use out of the blouse and the sweater.Also I did resist buying a new purse which I need desperately!

Wooden Jewellery was 6.99 at a small cheap jewellery store. I hope it matches ok.

Black Bow Kitten Heels (Payless 5 years ago)

Do the pants look an ok length?They are the short variety. I am actually 5'10 but I have really short legs and a long torso.
And if you can see well enough to judge, do the shoes match ok?

Last picture is just for fun really. I plan on wearing my hair down and actually wearing makeup but I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet today (It is "Study Break" afterall...)

What do you think of it? Any comments are welcome. Sorry for going on about clothing for an entire entry but I need input if anyone has any. All my girls are gone away for winter break and I don't want to look like a freak. Haha!

Oh and one confession: I peeked at the scale early again! I have GOT to stop doing that! Even though it said I was down another 1.5 pounds, I will wait until Monday for the 'official' recording

Thanks for reading/listening to my long outfit anxiety!


  1. I think you look cute!! I love basic pieces b/c you can mix and match them and get so many different looks! : )

  2. OMG we look great!! And we have the same body!! I, too, am 5'10, have a long torso and shorter legs!! Twins!! :)

  3. Very cute. Very professional and age appropriate. I'd hire you :-)