Monday, February 22, 2010

Ten Down & More Good News!

Good news! I lost another 4.4 pounds this week (over 10 total), but even better news? I got a call from one of the schools I applied to. I have an interview this Saturday to enter an Education Program. Yes I am one more step closer a huge dream of mine: Teaching!

I was hoping interviews would be next month and also that I would be down more weight so I could pick out a nice new outfit. I have mixed feelings though because I would love to still get a new outfit but it will get too big too fast to enjoy it for long. However I do always feel more confident when I get to walk into a place wearing a nice and new outfit and that just might pay off...

So I am WEIGHING the pro's and cons. I would love something like this paired with a great pencil skirt...Or I could dig through my clothes and try to find something old... Decisions...decisions!!

Another doctors appointment tomorrow. The kitties are still enjoying my treadmill more than I am...


  1. Perhaps look for something that could be tailored as you are dropping sizes?

    Congrats on the interview--hope it goes well.


  2. Wow!! What a fantastic loss!!! And good luck on the interview!! :)

  3. Awesome! I do love that outfit you picked out. Go ahead and buy something new -- you deserve it :-)

  4. Hey thanks for joining my blog and commenting! I always love making new friends.

    I am with you...a new outfit gives me renewed confidence. If you can't afford a whole new outfit, maybe you could purchase some new jewelry or some new shoes to go with an old one??