Friday, March 12, 2010

Busy Busy Busyyyy...

I hadn't realized it had been a week since my last post, but it has. BAD Anini! Anywhoooo, I am proud to announce a 3.6 lb loss this week! That is great! I used a lot of my flex points (24), and its my TOM so I am a bit surprised but none-the-less I will take it!

I am very proud and excited to say that I have behaved very well this week. I have been really busy with school and while studying for midterms... I didn't shove unhealthy snacks in my face. Get this... I actually thought about it first and I asked myself "Am I really hungry?" My stomach answered yes, so I went and made a nice salad and ate that while cramming. The bad news is... I did really horrible on my geography exam.(but great on my Addictions exam!) I did study! Maybe not as hard as I should have but my professor expects waaay to much and it is an intro level class! With staying so busy with school (and all the work I have coming up in the next few days) I have to find the time to go grocery shopping, laundry, and housework. GROAN! It's a constant struggle.

Goals for next week:
-Include more fibre in my day!
-Drink more water!
-Start getting more excercise (walking,treadmill!)
-Find new and interesting recipes

I bought myself new workout pants. Nice black capri's that are sooo soft. I am so looking forward to wearing them. This lady I know teaches Yoga and I have really wanted to join in, but I haven't had nice work out clothes and also there is the sweat gland problem previously described. I'm not a big sweater, but I can't wear any deoderant because it clogs/swells my armpit pores. I have to find an alternative route for that before I work out in public I think. Any deoderant alternatives you can suggest?

Its supposed to be really beautiful tomorrow so I think my boyfriend and I are going to hit the trails and go for a nice really long walk. It will certainly be a nice paper-writing break. Well there we have it, not a great interesting post, but an update! I'm not feeling very creative and any creativeness I do have is being poured into my million papers...


  1. Don't wear deodorant when you work out. Everyone expects you to sweat. Everyone sweats.

  2. Congratulations!! I am pleased to give you the Creative Blogger Award as one of the most creative blogs around. Here are the rules.

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