Friday, March 19, 2010


Dearest Blog

Sorry I have not been around much blog. Things have been crazy dearest blog but I promise I have been keeping myself on track. My last semester of university is winding down and I have been very stressed, and very tempted on the eating scene. I find myself in a room with my friends and see what they are eating, and find myself wondering why I can't have that? Its not even really bad food, but the points would be bad so I steer away... I resist...

I have been very very stressed about getting into another school for next year and sometimes I feel like its just not going to happen, but I must not console myself with food. Right blog? With that said I am supposed to head out for a few drinks with the girls tonight but I will hopefully contain myself. The terrible thing is that I am a smirnoff ice fan, the points there will/would be disastrous...

I worked hard this week, but apparently not hard enough. A .2 loss for me even with actually attempting to earn some fitness points. I haven't really done anything different except a few really long walks so I am not sure why the dissapointing loss, but I can't let it hold me back from continuing to do my best this week!

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