Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oh Snap Outta It!

Dearest Fellow Bloggies,

Somebody smack me. Somebody tell me to stop the destructive eating behavior. I always thought with final exams wrapping up my eating problems would be the worst... but it turns out after them.. my eating is even worse.

I thought my 25 pound mark was something that would make me feel accomplished, determined and proud but it hasn't helped me at all. UGH!

I am so bored. I am sitting here flipping through apartment listings and job listings (and of course everyones blogs). It's pretty terrible when you need both a job and an apartment. I'm feeling homeless, schooless (because I am starting another new venture), and unemployed. It sucks!

I haven't strayed TOO far from plan and have avoided an all out binge but it's been a rough few days. I have eaten a few offplan things that I haven't accounted for... for example: A couple bites of fried chicken(today) (I don't even like that!!?!!), a couple bites of coleslaw(today), A glass of pepsi (Friday), A burger king milkshake(Sat)... Some things have been figured into my daily point values... Some haven't...

I won't be suprised if there is a gain this week. I know this behavior needs to stop but even the crappy after feeling isn't fixing my slump.

I just don't know how to enjoy having some free time (and allow myself to get over this bad cold). The weather has been lousy. I have barely left the house for a few days except for groceries Monday and a Sunday drive (I had to get out even though it was SNOWING all day!!?!!). It is actually supposed to be sunny and warm tomorrow.

Time to brave the outside world again.
Time to enjoy life again.
There is more to it then sitting home and stuffing my face.

Yeah I think thats all.

Goodnight Blog (Time to get some shut eye)


  1. No one said changing the way you've been eating your whole life was going to be easy. It takes time. We stress out. We eat. It's like any other habit/addiction. You're more likely to fall into bad habits than not, but what you do is start over and not fall deeper. You'll do great.

  2. hey i do it too. we all do. we didnt get fat by accident. we eat our emotions and stress is a BIG one. I've been stressing over money right now too and been eating like a pig. UGH

    Feel better xx

  3. The only way to get over these slumps (and I've been in a LOT of them) is to force yourself to have one good eating day. One. When you go to bed that night, you'll feel so much better about yourself, and then make the next day a good eating day. Sometimes we have to revert to one day at a time....I've done it over and over. But you HAVE to start with that ONE GOOD DAY. It's hard, but it's doable...and you'll feel so much better about yourself when you do. :)