Monday, May 3, 2010

I hate having houseguests/Eviction Notice

What a terrible weekend. Let me just say in advance... do not let people come stay with you because the effects last longer than their stay. Certain people, with their certain lifestyles need to stay OUT! Things got out of control:

That's right Doritos. GET OUT!!! Certain foods will no longer be welcome in my house... you know who you are...

Also on a relevant note: I am a very friendly person, and I love having good friends come stay with me... but I did in all fairness tell them that my kitchen is a clean eating kitchen now. I did not want filth in my fridge. But it was brought with them And now I went and ate it. Because it was there. And now all I seem to want to do is eat junk. RAHHHH!!!

But now the out of towners are gone, and the food is still here. So now I have to forcefully evict it all.. Cheesy -YES. Necessary -YES.

But this junk that is in my fridge seems to have devastating effects on me. It can take DAYS/WEEKS to get this addiction to stop. Some people just do not care what they eat like and continue to eat like this and be disrespectful to my wishes ... in my kitchen. No I did not come right out and say this because I did not want to look like a maniac... but I really feel like I need to let people know I can't handle junk around. I need a clean place just like addicts do.

I leave you with this article to peruse at your own leisure. It's not long. It presents interesting thoughts on the food as addiction argument.

Pffft! What did my Addictions prof know when he said he doesn't consider food an addiction? Maybe the view presented here might help certain 'visitors' understand how I feel.. Maybe I should print it off for my fridge to prevent further harm from being deposited there.

Now please excuse me while I go clean my fridge.
Thanks I'm glad we talked :)

The regular normal Anini will be back later


  1. That was a fascinating article. Thanks for posting!

    And, yes, definitely throw out the junk! :-)

  2. Well done - throw away the junk!

    I have certain foods that are completely banned from my house too... I just cannot control myself so better that they are gone...

    Plus if any of these foods manage to get in the house... I find that I will have a big binge and eat them all, just so they aren't there to tempt me anymore... crazy much?

    Off to read the article now :-)

  3. Thanks for following and the nice comment. I think that we have a lot in common. Students, trying to lose 80lbs, addicted to food according to your post. Good luck with choosing and setting your May goals!

  4. Ahh! This was a great post!!!! I got scared for about 2 seconds,and thought you were being evicted b/c you had had loud friends over or something!! Then I kept reading, what am idea. I may hold an eviction hearing in my house too!!!!