Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lovin' Me for Me!!

Stripped of all make up, no need for fancy clothes
No cover ups, push ups
....I dont have to put on a show.


Today I am taking a day for me. Selfish sounding? I don't think so... I just want to be closer to myself. I want to be able to walk into a room and hold my head high and not ridden with anxiety. I want to define what my goals are in life for myself. I want to know I am worth it.

Because I am

Everyday in the Month of May I have decided to come up with a reason to love myself.

Need a self esteem adjustment? Then join me. I doouuuble dare ya!

Here I am. Rockin' the look for today:

Todays Reason for Loving Myself:

I love myself because I am amazed by my own inner strength.

-It has been a rough week, but at the end of the day... I know I have to continue being myself. It is the only true option.


  1. Great idea!!! I love that you are doing this! Such a cute pic! Work it, girl! :)

  2. amen. if you dont love yourself then no one else can love you.

    glad to hear it girly you need a bit of you time

  3. Too stinkin cute :}