Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer Challenge Weigh In

A day late. I know what you are thinking (tsk..tsk.. Anini!) but the Internet has been acting so strange here since Sunday).

And here it is after a weekend of celebrating my first degree:

Yeah 229. I'm not proud of that but it happened. I didn't want to turn down celebratory parties, dinner and drinks with the people I love and so I have paid the price. I still did eat well but just too much of it (and half a piece of cheesecake)... Hopefully I can work through the weekend gain through the week or I might be reporting my very first Friday gain since Feb!

P.s I neeeed a pedicure

Anywhoo its miserable here so I'm headed for my treadmill and a nice big bottle of water...

Self Love Thought:

I love that I am attempting to turn this around. I love that I have accepted current self but working towards a healthier and happier me. This weekend I had enough confidence to not shy away from pictures with my lovlies and was actually able to look into the lens of a camera instead of covering my face in mortification.


  1. We all have to celebrate once in awhile! You'll do good this week to make up for the splurges this weekend I bet!

  2. Better late then never. Glad your internet is working now. Good luck this week!

  3. I am in the same boat, despite exercising, I keep steady, or shock, have seen a gain. Boo. But I am hoping its all muscle and am going to once again, start tracking every single bite

  4. omg your cat Tuxie looks just like my cat Oscar. For seriousness.

  5. Liking the self-love. So important!