Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back and stronger than EVER

Dear fellow bloggies.

I appologize for the hiatus. I assure you I have been poking around and reading but have not felt like my normal self. I am still on the mend from this annoying flu/cold thing but I assure you I am coming back and I will be stronger than ever. Sorry I have not been posting my self love thoughts everyday but I have been still telling myself what a great woman I am (haha that just sounds wrong)and defining why each day I should be proud of myself and love myself. It's been a little harder to look in the mirror and tell myself how great I am when my face looks gray but I have been keeping it up!

Todays thought occurred to me while getting dressed and all on its own without my attempt to search for my own positive reflection on myself (however please excuse my moment of vanity)

"Hey! My butt is rockin' in these 34's... I really am doing this!.. Next stop 32's!"

30 pounds can make quite a difference and I finally caught myself by suprise. I knew they fit as of last week but I finally SAW it myself.. Haha... I was actually going to take a picture of the 'rearview' but the camera was dead this a.m (to help me remember how it felt, and how excited I was... not because I would like to show my sweet can off.. haha)

I have decided I have been dragging my butt for too long. I have been indulging in far too many calories (nothing too dramatic but still too many snacks). I have not been exercising to my potential (or even close). I have not been preparing enough actual home cooked meals and if it wasn't for subway right down the street I would have made some terrible choices I think. BUT the past is the past and I'm ready to step this up.

It is time to make some goals. It is time to give it my all.

New Goals:

1) More water. At least 5 large glasses a day (Just bought my new Brita and I have been loving it)

2) Ensure exercises/workouts at LEAST 4 days a week (Got the treadmill all set up again)

3) Post pics of my scale each week (hopefully my cpu will comply)

4) Count my points & record everyday (I have been slaaaacking)

5) Cut way down on diet pop (max 2 glasses a day)

On that note: I am joining a new challenge. Kandice, at No More Chunky Dunking, Time To Skinny Dip is holding a summer challenge and I am in!

It starts Monday May 24, and I will be posting my starting weight then :) It might be a little higher after this weekend. Apparently there is a party in my honor coming up on account of my graduation Friday so I will be a bit off plan for a couple days (without going major overboard I assure you).

Weigh ins will continue as usual to be posted every Friday. I always come post the update on the right side regardless of whether I post that day or not.

My goal is to be in ONEderLAND before the end of July (but hopefully sooner). I peeked at the scale and that leaves 25 pounds to go in roughly 10 weeks. Thats 2.5 pounds a week and if I work really hard I am hoping to get there. I was going to set it for the end of August but at just under 2 lbs a week I am not sure if that is challenging enough considering my regular loss is about 1.5.

Anyhowwwss... thats it for now :) Stay tuned!!! I plan on reporting in as much as I can to actually report how I have done each week. I must keep myself accountable! No more skipping off to lala land and ignoring my laziness...


  1. Congrats on the graduation!!! Glad you're joining the challenge. Can't wait to lose with you.


  2. I have something for you on my blog!

  3. Glad to see you checking in! Hope you're feeling 100% asap! Good luck with the challenge!

  4. Just wanted to remind everyone that the challenge starts tomorrow so don't forget to post your start weight, with the pic of your scale reading your weight tomorrow! Good luck!

  5. Good for you and congratulations on the graduation. We all can lose the weight so let's do it!!! My younger sister just lost 20 pounds on Jenny Craig- it took her 3 months and several hundred dollars so won't our accomplishments look AWESOME?

  6. Hey girl! I joined Kandice's challenge too!! :)